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of all training is never used!

The Skilld app solves the growing problem of a staggering increase in training waste, which is widespread with today's requirements for training in most subjects and industries.

Today’s growing demand for training in almost all businesses and industries comes with a huge increase in training costs. Unfortunately, much of this investment is either lost or at least not fully applied. The training may be brilliant, but when we are back at work the challenges begin. We forget, we struggle to find suitable practice situations, we lack motivation or confidence, we fail to see its relevance, or we simply do not prioritize it. This is shame for the participants as they will not get full advantage of their new skills, and it is a waste of money! so we built the Skilld App

Reducing the training waste

The Skilld app is about “STAYING SKILLD”. It is all about ensuring that we get practicing in the context of our own work environment, but also about feeling motivated and supported by the other people we trained with.

Regardless of which course you are investing in as a company, Skilld App dramatically increases the return of that investment by ensuring the training is applied once people are back at work. This is achieved by generating several bite-sized and relevant assignments and through a seamless and transparent learning journey participants get to practice the training in real life while learning from each other. In this way, we build a bridge between the training itself and everyday working life. And with that we reduce the training waste!

With Skilld, training implementation becomes a collaborative and impactful experience.

In addition, you will have access to several critical statistics which can help you identify leading practice but also amend or adjust in areas where the training seems to be missing the point.

Why Skilld works:

Neither employee nor employer can afford to waste good courses because they are not followed up. Use it or lose it!

  • 1. Encourage practice in the optimal context.

    Traditional training often occurs in a classroom, detached from the trainee's everyday work environment. As a result, when they return to their job, applying the new knowledge can feel overwhelming.

    Skilld offers a solution by enabling trainers to share bite-sized follow-up assignments with the learners to encourage practice in the context of relevant tasks and challenges. Learners can revisit course material and practice when their job allows it, enhancing learning effectiveness and making repetition more manageable.

  • 2. Refresh learners’ memory to maximize retention.

    The average learner retains 25% or less of newly learned material after six days. Properly timed repetition is a proven solution to the problem, and with Skilld, trainers are able to implement byte-sized assignments during the learning journey to refresh learners’ memory at intervals that maximize retention.

  • 3. Maintain group momentum after class.

    Group momentum often stops once individuals leave the classroom, and staying motivated in day-to-day activities can be challenging.

    Skilld provides a solution of structured sharing of positive learning experiences in real-time. In learning groups, they can read about, comment on, and draw motivation from the positive results their peers are achieving. Additionally, they can seek advice on overcoming barriers to success, fostering a supportive and encouraging learning community.

  • 4. Increase learners’ motivation through seeing the success of colleagues.

    Not understanding and accepting the need for change is a significant reason why learners struggle to prioritize implementing and practicing what they've learned in their day-to-day.

    With direct access to the progress and experiences of others in the learning group becomes is key. Seeing fellow learners progress and succeed with the same activities, deepens understanding about the necessity for change, improves motivation, and helps overcome self-doubt. Moreover, the transparency of the Learning Journey fosters positive peer pressure, encouraging everyone to stay committed to their growth and development.

  • 5. Measure the effect of training in real-time.

    Training initiatives often coincide with various corporate initiatives, making it challenging to distinguish the specific measurable impacts of the training.

    Our system generates tailored statistics, providing insights into the actual usage and application of the training. By analyzing usage, popularity, questions asked, progress, and other factors based on real-time feedback from users, we gain a comprehensive understanding of its effectiveness and value.

  • 6. Flexible management involvement

    Corporations vary in how much management involvement and control they wish to have during training implementation.

    Skilld allows you to choose your level of involvement, understand the trade-offs inherent in too much and too little.

Get the most out of your course investments.
Measure the effect of training in real-time

Get the most out of your course investments.

Optimize your course investments and get the maximum return with Skilld.

Finally, the Skilld app enables corporations to gain insight into the actual usage, application, and experience gained by their training efforts by analyzing usage, popularity, questions asked, progress, and much more—all based on immediate feedback by the people using it. Skilld offers corporations the flexibility to be as involved as they would like to be in the training implementation process.